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            The intent of this site is to promote a mindful approach to working with horses of all breeds and disciplines - for work, pleasure, and competition. Those of us who opt for partnership over dominance demonstrate a willingness to look within and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions rather than blaming the horse for "disobedience." Working with horses mindfully means that while there are principles and guidelines to school by, there are no formulas for making the most appropriate decision at any moment. This requires us to become more compassionate (toward ourselves as well as toward the horse), better educated and skilled in our craft, and to learn to think creatively or outside the box.

            For us dressage enthusiasts and competitors, the dressage we practice is the same dressage that is ridden anywhere else, but the way we go about achieving a response from our horses often looks different than traditional methods employed at a typical training facility. As a result, many of us feel isolated within our equestrian communities and find little support in rejecting a cookie-cutter approach to training. Yet we know that only horses that are free of tension can perform according to their unique potential and, like people, enjoy their work.

            This site hopes to provide a way for interested horsemen and women to network with other like-minded individuals, both in your back yards and around the world. It offers free and cost-effective resources to help answer your questions and assist you in problem-solving particular issues. There are no membership fees or special requirements. Those connected with this site consist of trainers, amateurs, instructors, clinicians, riders, handlers, and every-day horse owners with a sincere interest in building harmonious and in-depth relationships with horses of all breeds and disciplines.

            To help you on your journey and/or to stay connected and engaged with other like-minded horsemen, we have some exciting features and invite you to participate:

~ The Collaborative Clinic is an online discussion forum open to everyone, free of charge! The Collaborative Clinic is a place to go for insights in resolving issues with your equine partner. At this forum we encourage and promote a thoughtful, non-judgmental, and friendly approach to sharing information in order to create a safe environment for people who need a place to discuss their issues within a supportive community of experienced and empathetic horsemen. You can simply post your questions and share your ideas, or upload pictures and videos of yourself and your horse for more in-depth feedback. If you don't want to share information, just peruse what everyone else is saying to gain your own insights. What is posted on the forum cannot be viewed by random web-surfers or those who are not registered. To get to the forum, please select the red link above and sign in.

~ New BLOG! of observations and insights and fun stories to share. Pictures and videos will be included!

~ In-Depth Articles that provide you with creative ideas and help to answer your questions. Pictures included!

~ Terry Church Clinic Schedule in California and around the United States. A detailed explanation of events with lots of photos gives you a good idea of what happens at each clinic and is included for your information and enjoyment!

~ Clinicians, Trainers and Experienced Horsemen in your state or area.

~ Educational Materials and Games: Some NEW BOOKS are listed this year and games just for fun! to exercise your mind and provide resource tips, including Crossword Puzzles!

~ Place My Horse is an online service that helps you find the appropriate buyer or home for your oftentimes difficult-to-place equine partner, nationwide.

~ Phone Consultations with optional feedback on video: Terry offers phone consultations with the option of receiving comments and feedback on uploaded videos of you and your horse as well. Hour and half-hour time slots available.

~ *NEW* Online Lessons ~ LIVE! via webcam: Now, in addition to phone consultations and feedback on uploaded riding videos, there is the opportunity to receive live lessons via Skype or other free, two-way live webcam services for students at a distance. For details, please select the red link.

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Finding Pegasus, by Terry Church

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Finding Pegasus, by Terry Church, is a rich and inspiring story of an apprenticeship with master horseman Tom Dorrance, describing him in detail and giving insight into why he became the legendary figure he is today. Based on true events, the book depicts the life of Tara Beacon, a dressage competitor consumed by her ambition to compete at the Olympic Games, yet all the while struggling to escape the pain of an abusive childhood. Mirroring her angst is her talented and sensitive Thoroughbred who, after years of intensive training with internationally renowned professionals, refuses to submit to human coercion. Finally awakening to the fact that she is reenacting her oppressive upbringing by attempting to dominate her horse, in walks Tom Dorrance, an eighty-year-old cowboy who never calls himself a teacher or explains what he does, continually perplexing Tara and those who work with him. Yet his wisdom is reflected in his ability to use horses (and anything else available to him) as a means of helping humans learn about themselves and their relationship to the natural world. With him Tara begins the long and arduous journey to self-awareness, and a resolution to her secretive past.

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