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Terry Church

United States.

Terry Church was "classically trained" through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany. She has over 35 years experience working with horses and riders at all levels of dressage as well as helping improve performance for eventers, hunter/jumper, endurance and western riders. Terry currently offers clinics in horsemanship and dressage for people of all ages and styles, integrating an approach gleaned through her work with Tom Dorrance. Along with publishing her book Finding Pegasus, she has plans for an equestrian-based, sustainably designed and operated experiential learning center where riders from all backgrounds and experience levels will be able to participate.

Siri Larssen

Northern CA

Siri Larssen has 32 years of experience as a hunter/jumper competitor and a strong background preparing young horses for their future show careers. When working with horses and students she blends aspects of a traditional background with experience and knowledge gained from mentors Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Terry Church. Siri offers training for people who enjoy competing while staying mindful of their horse's true nature and expressive spirit. She is also available for clinics. Email Siri

Denise Lesnik

Elgin, IL

Denise Lesnik, owner of Inside-Out Horse Training, has an extensive background as an instructor and trainer in starting young horses, reschooling older horses, horsemanship, hunters and dressage. She works with all types of horses and riders, practicing what she preaches: "The horse can learn to become more respectful and to do the tasks that we ask, but the real challenge is for the human to learn to understand the horse. It is much more rewarding to have your horse do something because it wants to rather than because it was forced." Denise also hosts the Terry Church clinics in the Chicago area. Inside Out Horse Training Website

Anne Greco

Grass Valley, CA

Anne Greco grew up riding Hunters and Jumpers in Northern CA and later worked for numerous show barns in CO and CA. But she was always disheartened by the training and handling methods used by many professionals in the show industry. It wasn't until she started working with Siri Larssen 12 years ago that a new world of horsemanship opened up to her. Working from where the horses are and constantly finding new ways to help them be happy and relaxed in their jobs has been her focus ever since. Anne has continued to teach, train and work with troubled horses at her own Cedar Hill Farm in Grass Valley, CA. This 30 acre facility also offers equine retirement and injury rehab. services. Cedar Hill Farm Website

Adelheid Ebenhoech

Salinas and Hollister, CA

Adelheid Ebenhoech, MD, began riding at age 10 and has been a serious student of the horse for the past twenty-five years, honing her background in dressage and horsemanship. Combining her medical expertise with her experience with horses as healers, she is offering Healing At The Barn, a mindful approach to working with students of various ages and backgrounds who are interested in developing their skills and ability to move in harmony with their equine partners. She has ridden, trained and shown to second level and is learning more about starting young horses with her mare, Whisper. Adelheid's Healing At The Barn website describes part of a larger vision that promotes health and well-being through human-animal partnerships, coming to fruition at the Monkey Tail Ranch.

Sarah Sheehy

Central Massachusetts

Sarah Sheehy is a long-time trainer and instructor with a hunter/jumper background influenced by natural horsemanship. She specializes in giving green horses a solid foundation and in retraining horses from the racetrack as well as performance horses who have been unable to fit into traditional roles. Her primary concerns are for the physical and mental well-being of the horse. Whether training a horse for the hunter or dressage ring, or for pleasure, she aims for supple, willing, and happy horses. Sarah is the brain child for, a terrific service for horse buyers and sellers, nationwide.

Julie Straka

Mequon, WI

Julie Straka offers individualized training and education for both horse and rider. A skilled horsewomen with a background in dressage, jumping, colt-starting and cow-working, she emphasizes that it is not just about the goals we try to attain, but about the path that leads us there. This allows students to feel free to experiment, discover, and enjoy all aspects of learning without fear of judgment or failure. It also encourages students to develop skills with the confidence to problem-solve. Seeing horses as teachers, Julie is ever striving to learn more through observation and hands-on work as well as clinics with top horsemen and reading. She's also great at reschooling horses for resale, matching the right buyers witih sellers.

Abby Hill

Northern CA

Abby Hill grew up riding untamed miles of the Golden Gate open space where a respectful and trusting relationship with horses was ever necessary. Her main passion is for jumping, colt starting and restarting troubled horses "trained" for jumping, dressage, endurance, trail and more. "Horses do their job the best that they can. To understand and have confidence in what is being asked of them, they need to be well respected by the person doing the asking. Then they can be relaxed in their performance and give the most." Abby has had the great opportunity to learn from some fantastic people including Terry Chuch, Siri Larssen, Trudy Exton, Ray Hunt and vicariously Tom Dorrance through all these people.

Jana Steffen

Seattle, WA

Jana Steffen is a lifelong horsewoman. She has over twenty years experience in dressage, and has been training and teaching since 2003. She believes that building true partnership between horse and rider has to do with communication; how clearly we use our aids and how well we listen. What we hear develops our feel and enables us to adjust our timing and presentation to achieve greater understanding with our horse. Dressage can be hard work, but it can also be fun, something Jana believes important to life and learning. She currently has limited openings for full/partial training and private lessons. For more information go to:

Sofia Kalupski

Elgin, IL

Sofia Kalupski has been working with horses from a very young age, and riding hunters and jumpers since her teens. In 2004 she teamed up with Denise Lesnik with whom she helps to manage a busy barn full of horses in training as well as teach a number of students from a variety of backgrounds. Having added dressage into her daily routine, she starts young horses and reschools older horses for whatever "job" they are best suited for. Sofia also helps host the Terry Church clinics in Elgin, IL.

Petra Beltran

Woodside, CA

Petra Beltran was born in the Czech Republic, learning to ride and compete in dressage and jumping. After graduating from the School of Agriculture with a major in Animal Husbandry, she moved to the National Castle Sychrov where she learned to drive Lipizzaners. In 1999, Petra became the first female manager of the National Stud in Kladruby, overseeing 120 employees and the pedigree book of the Kladrubers, a foundation breed for the Lipizzaner. In 2003 she moved to California (with her 8-yr-old Kladruber stallion, Ariosa) where she founded the United States Kladruber Horse Association. Today she continues to teach dressage in Northern California.

Tim Shaw

Lebanon, OH

Tim Shaw has been working on his horsemanship for the past 25 years. For the last 15 he has been concentrating on colt starting and working with troubled horses. The most common question he receives when asked to work with a horse is how long will it take? The answer: it takes as long as it takes. There is no set time to get it done. Tim has a passion for problem solving and helping people increase their ability to communicate with their horses. He feels it is very important to work with the riders as well as the horse, so they have the tools to continue training when he's not there to give direction.

Becky Lorenzo

Lawrenceburg, KY

Becky Lorenzo, owner of Fox Hill Farm, offers a full-care boarding facility with indoor and outdoor arenas and miles of trails in the beautiful rolling contryside of Anderson County, KY. Instruction is available for children and adults in hunt seat equitation, basic dressage, western pleasure, trail riding, and ground work. All instruction emphasizes safety, teamwork and fun, and is based on a relationship-enhancing approach that considers the horse as well as the person in building mutual trust, respect and rapport. Services also include starting the young horse and re-schooling the older horse. Please contact Becky at: (859) 420-3738

Laura McGillicuddy

Placerville, CA

Laura McGillicuddy grew up riding horses stabled in her back yard, and in 1999 began her journey into dressage. Re-launching the Terry Church clinics in 2000, Laura's other specialty is trailer loading and she's regularly asked to help troubled owners. A busy day job plus schooling her own horses leaves little spare time but she occasionally assists others with their riding and horsemanship. Laura believes in allowing the horse a place of freedom within the context of its work, engendering trust and a happy willingness to work with its rider. As a result, her off-the-track TB is happily schooling 3rd level, and her rescued Dutch WB mare (now 22) continues to help other riders improve feel, timing and balance.

Anita Kush

Lake Geneva, WI

Anita Kush trains at Bridlewood Equestrian Center in Lake Geneva, WI. Her background includes riding dressage and long-lining airs above the ground with her Spanish horses in exhibitions throughout the country. Now Anita works with students who seek better communication with their equine partners, both on the ground and in the saddle. She also plans to renew her advanced performance work, setting an example of soft relaxation and calm in stressful environments.

Shary Stadler

Urbana, OH

Shary Stadler has ridden for a number of years in dressage, trail and for pleasure, criss-crossing the country riding trail from the east coast to her family's ranch in Montana. She now lives with her husband, Marc, on their Ohio farm where they're raising and starting a crop of youngsters as all around riding horses. Shary enjoys helping others be better prepared in all disciplines when time permits. She also hosts the Terry Church clinics twice a year. If you'd like more information, please email Shary.

Cathy Ganiere

Waukesha, WI

Cathy Ganiere, RM, ESMT, CST, has spent many years around horses, riding for pleasure and in dressage. She currently manages her own business, A Horse-A Peace, LLC: Healing and Wellness for the Equine Athlete. Her therapies include: sports massage, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, therapeutic oils, flower essences, and helping others establish a deep connection with their horses using groundwork. Cathy can be reached at: (414) 915-4346.

Caren Myers

Martinton, IL

Caren Myers grew up with ponies and horses, starting some and restarting others. From an early age she learned to look to the horses she rode as her teachers. With a background in showmanship, western pleasure, and hunter/jumpers, she began exploring dressage with Terry Church several years ago. Caren especially enjoys helping others develop a relationship with their horses, instilling a safe and solid foundation for whatever their chosen discipline.

Patricia Spencer


Patricia Spencer was first challenged by her 3-yr old TB to find a different way of interacting with horses. Through those interactions, she has continued to discover connections to life lessons, and uses dressage as a context for honing and refining skills while finding different ways of being that enhance her ability to build better relationships. Currently, Patricia helps to organize the Terry Church clinics at Inside Out Horse Training in Elgin, and assists with the schooling of horses there. She also integrates her learning from the horses into teaching organizational and leadership skills to business school students.

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